The Bullshit That Inspire

Not accidentally forget this blog. Not because of my business. I am just find the old hobby that re-desire. Ha ha…

Besides writing, of course I like to read. Many writings that I read. Starting from the serious to the writing that contains only crisp joke. But whatever you and I read, as long as we can take a positive moral value everything becomes good to read. It's about your mindset.

Well short story, I just finished reading a story. No, I do not think it's a story. But trilogy. Three life-related stories. So definitely when hearing about the trilogy will not be separated from the genre of drama and romance.

However, from the three stories presented by the author, there is one part that I like. And maybe it can inspire. It's about friendship. Not the drama, but it's realistic. The principles that we can use to maintain friendship. 

Anatomy. If one of your friends has difficulties, you can only advise. Must not interfere with the decision made!

Beneficence. Whatever happens to our friends, even when he does good or bad things, we always do good (help) for the sake of others regardless of what has happened. That's friendship. Because there is no perfect friend in this world. Agree?

Non-maleficence. No humiliation, no ridicule in the back. Pure, your friendship should not harm your neighbor.

And the last, justice. All members are friends. No one takes sides if a problem occurs.

That is what might preserve friendship. Though I do not believe there is any lasting friendship. That bullshit. HEHEHE CHEERSS !!! Thank you Annabelle T F for your awesome story. I love the most. Keep writing the masterpiece.


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