The Best Place

Hiii… blog, good evening. Expectations are sometimes likes misses. I hope to post at least one post per week. But it seems like very difficult for me. Ha ha ha. Still in the process yes.

Suitable with the above title. The best place. "The best place" have many definitions. Maybe a travel destination, place of birth, or a honeymoon location. With my ages, already quite a lot of places I visited. However I have not been able to name a place that I think absolutely the best. Or maybe only I am not aware of?

But that night, when the rain was falling I was calm somewhere. The place is magnificent, from the outside. Then, if you entering, there is cool air greets you. I felt very light walking in it. So relax and provide a positive aura. That place is a mosque.

The mosque isn't just a masterpiece of design and architecture, but inside there are lots of magical elements. I don't know if it was true if I said there were a magical aura. Because you will be able to distinguish it feels to be inside or outside the mosque. Peacefulness cover up you when in the mosque.

Jami Baiturrahman Mosque - Kembangan - West Jakarta

I’m very rarely come to the mosque to pray. However, again because of the busy made my mobility increasingly high. And I'm trying to still be able to perform Shalat. Be the mosque is the best place to layover to pray. Yeah I know, God is never too busy to listen our prayers. It’s only that we should find time to pray to Him.

Inside the mosque I felt that I was very small. I do not mean anything. Whether because of the architectural. Nor just because realize how much guilt that I made. The best place to communicate with the gods. The best place to gripe. The best place to complain. The best place to surrender and prostration of gratitude. The best place to calm down. And the best place of all places in the world. The best place is the mosque.

Al Ma'Wa Mosque - Karang Tengah - Tangerang
You don't need magic to disappear, all you need is a destination.


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