New Comer (Part 2)

Previously, I've show you how difficult to be a newcomer. How to adapt. How to expand yourself. And the most important how to survive. Maybe it would be countless, I complained about how hard being a newcomer.

I really don't care whatever happens when I start a trip or decide anything. Maybe that's one of my earlier mistake. When it became a newcomer, in addition to not care about your life, you also must have no shame. I always treat everyone well. I don’t know that’s good or bad, for me it could be an asset.

Even I do that with perfectly, I never think if nobody knows about my bad behavior, just because my boss doesn't call me.

You must know, if the boss who easily convinced, was a bit of the boss who made a precaution. Sometimes the boss isn't the one who has the last word. If the subordinates do a trick, you can’t run away anywhere. Because people are afraid of being famous, the pigs afraid of becoming fat. In the workplace, people are afraid others will be messed up. But if it really happens, you can only face it bravely.

Each problem, I faced. I finish until the end. I accept whatever consequences and punishment. But, Just because you've already have the courage to accept. Will you have a chance to win? I just keep thingking about it.

Then when there is a problem that I can't solve, I just amuse myself. No problem you can not solve. Sure there will always be people who are useless in a problem. Poor me…
But somehow I realize, if you encounter a problem you can not solve, you can choose to step back. And let you get back to calm down before going forward again. Because the crisis is an opportunity to turn around.

Don't be afraid to unheeded. Be prepared to make your moves anytime.

Miracle will happen, as long as you keep working and keep believing.

But one thing that you should to know. And maybe, I'm proud of, I can make them united with me. I can handle them alone. I know the weak spots of each of them. Because Unity is strength. And I was able to gather my strength. And they were happy to do it. I delight them. And they will lose me.

Nevermind to quit. No problem to give up. Because me as a newcomer also had time to flap my wings and fly.


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