New Year 2017

I tried to turn around. Looking back at what has been happening. Millions of the story had been overcome. Hundreds of days has been exceeded.

I tried to reopen the memories in this life. Smiled when I remembered pleasure. Sad in the chest when I remembered grief.

What things that I can have?
What things that I can do?
Who are the people I ever disappoint?
What are the sins that I've been doing?

And now the year's change, but will remain the same right we are going through? Dreams that have not been reached. Bad deeds that are still embedded in the hearts.

Really, now I want to look in the mirror. In the mirror the life of the world. In order to look and see all the action that never happened and I never did.

Laziness in running after dreams. Vain things that often I do. Verbally abusive and liver that stores hatred. As well as the sins that had been conceal.

Now my resolve is only one. Improve from mistakes in the past. I will pulled the evil parasites in my heart. That undermined all my good intentions.


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