Everyone has it's own phases in a life. There is a growth phase from infant to toddler, then be children, juvenile and entering adulthood. I believe in every phase, we continue to learn, to see and imitate. Also transform ourselves. Because basicly, human was a dynamic. Fickle. In each phase towards adulthood, for me it's the most difficult thing. Up and down. We struggled to find out who, what and how ourselves.

Who we really are?

What would we go?

How should we behave for living?

For answering each questions above, many of us give up on the situation. Unable to resist the rigors and hold the inner flaming. When we give up, we really lost its way. Lose the spirit, feel useless, incapable, unnoticed, ignored, different from the others, full of doubt and fear, loss of confidence even in yourself. Feeling unsafe. Loss of confidence and slowly harm the mental and physical. Not only trouble in ourselves, social relations became disturbed. 

How can a person receive their social circumstances when couldn't accept himself?

Attitude to others depend on the sense of his security and how much they can receive themselves. In other words, when stronger and can accept himself, will be better and positive attitude to others. When a secure person's sense get stronger will be more 'relaxed' attitude to others. And that means, the cause of insecure is in self-acceptance was lacked. In layman's language, unconfident.

The root problem of psychological and also social relationships is insecurity of themselves. Have you or are experiencing an attack of insecurity in yourself?

So, is there any solution?

Personally I was in fact unable to accept myself completely. I'm still learning. Up and down. Struggle alone, to be a strong person in mentally. And be positive of course. There is no other way to cure it is to build confidence in yourself. Building a secure sense of self. A strong sense of security and safety inside will make us more focus, more comfortable, quieter, more relaxed and more peaceful. And it certainly would make attitude to others becomes more positive.


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