Happy Birthday

Hi myself who being birthday,
I slept soundly. I ignored all that is disturbing my sleep. Resting peacefully in bed. Forgetting all that unsettles me tomorrow. Because tomorrow is my special day.
The time please move slowly. Stop for a moment though for once. Because this time shouldn't be too late. Because there are saying 'happy birthday' which should arrive on time.

Should I blow out the candle when my birthday?
Is it important throwing cakes uneaten?
Should I let myself wasting the money?

The best gifts come from an understanding. So I mused for a moment in the day I was born. Because I had grown up now.
Happy birthday I say to myself. Although not as expensive as diamonds. Although there anything as sweet as roses. And not as beautiful as poetry. Just a simple phrase that sums it all up. With a prayer in every word spoken.


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