Follow The Father's Footsteps

I loved my father. So much. No one can replace the position of my heart. There will always be space in the heart and mind for my father. Dad is the greatest father that God gave to me. He is the most precious treasure that I got more than anything in the world. He's the best. From the beginning until now.

I often hear his story in the past, when raised me. Then, I see for myself how great my father. Because of my love and respect, I wanted to give the best gift I can give to my father. But I'm confused, what should I give? What is the appropriate to give accordance his personality?

My father was a hard worker and never give up. He is not from the rich. He struggled from zero to his own life. Worked very hard. Produce the wealth only to his family. His pleasure? Maybe it was the umpteenth numbers in his priorities.
My father was a generous person and helpful. Although he didn't have much, he always tries to be able to share with others. Share the wealth, sharing knowledge, sharing facilities and happiness as well as helping others. Although just use his strength.

My father had a great attitude and open minded. Although comes not from the top, but manners and attitude he highly respect. That's why makes he wisely.

My father was also a worship obey. God for him is number one. His faith is very strong and he was able to withstand the evils that are always in the vicinity.

The most important thing is he's a very honoring his parents. Despite his age is old, devotion and his respect never slight to his parents to this day. Even though her parents was passed away.
The longer I'm getting confused to think what should be the best that I gave to my father?

Then I read again above and start thinking.
And finally I decided not to give anything to my father. 
But I will follow my father's footsteps.


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