The Most Talented

actually i dont want to post something about tex saverio. Why? the answer is because I am confused.

to start from where?
to tell about what?
which one photo should I use? because select a photo from more than 560 pictures in my storage is a difficult thing! ha ha ha
and also how to stabilize my enthusiasm about tex?

but somehow I want!

so now, I want to start to admit that I've loved him since high school. around 2010. not love in the true sense, but adore. his face, his manner, his attitude, his style, his spirit, friendly, cute, religious, and more important is the talent and consistency. waahhh .. that can be explained, just finished in two days and nights.

as an unstable teenager at the time, I think I just love and then forget all.. however, more figures that I like, there remains a separate space in my heart and mind about tex. sometimes when down, and see about tex, its make me so motivated!

yes! motivated!

motivated when even tex never show off about himself and his life. his success and achievements are telling the whole world. he works in silence. calm. creative. idealism. unique. and wooootttt !!! a masterpiece riveting the eyes of us. and then tex humbly grateful smile. no more ambition. just pour his idealism, work, happy, doing what he likes, set his imagination into a work that he thought only he could have designed it.

such characters I like and learn from tex. he remains a family man, who remember god, very kind and low profile.

the most obvious is eccentric style! love it so much! he knows what he wants. he doesn't care what kind of dog would bark, his family and those who loved him know very well about himself and certainly not the style he has shown to work but the design and not the ability to sew. because tex actually can't sew! He has a solid team. and he often conjure up a dress from the failure of its employees.

I should have to end this post. because if it was about tex, I'm not sure that would done in one posting. ha ha ha

ps: you should be browse tex saverio, he is amazing!
ps: Tex not a korean, thailand or japan. HE IS INDONESIAN!

Happy birthday TEX SAVERIO
May God bless you with lots of love, happiness and success


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