Gone Not Around Any Longer

I didn’t know we would break up so easily. It just happened. I can't control it even for a moment to think. When everything has happened, I can only be silent and continue to look for where the beginning of the separation. My tears won’t stop flowing. How sad and pathetic to me.

In my bathroom your toothbrush was here then gone. Your strong scent was here then gone. I just wanted to say that I love you. But your number is disconnected now. The pictures in the frame were here then gone. Fallen hair were here then gone. Walking on the road with an empty mind. As tears keep flowing down.

I've tried to wipe your memory. I've tried to scrub your lingering. I've tried to put you behind. I've tried a million times. But I just can't do it. No I just can't do it!

I can’t breathe now that you’re now longer here. I can’t even stay because you aren’t with me. I am slowly dying but you’re not here. Anymore.. I can’t smile because you’re no longer here. Because you’re not here. I hate seeing myself break down. I have nowhere to depend on now

Why am I withering away like a fool everyday? Like a darkened flower, without you, I just. Keep saying it’s painful, sad, alone. I fall asleep again crying.

I hate to see myself get drunk and stumble. Can’t fight with you even if I want to now. Because you’re gone, because you’re gone. I got no one to talk to now.

Because you are not around any longer. 
Please come back to me.


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