New Comer (part 1)

How long until I can get back to work in a company. I came to a company as a newcomer. Really a newcomer, in terms of the workplace, coworkers, bosses up to my job description.

Bearing the title of newcomer was difficult. You're in a position where you want to fly, but the lack of power, when you want to leave, but lacked the guts to do it. Not someone who failed, but also doesn't increase. But, there are some advantages as well as a newcomer. I'm not worry when the sky is falling because surely there will be someone who will hold it. But if I'm not lucky, I must face the consequences, because the limit make unprofitable to come.

Although I was a newcomer in a workplace, I don't want to be a stupid who work overtime. And not to be a scum who accept to blame and bully. I can not become rich just by exerting all abilities on something. But if I gamble, I don't think about the consequences. Is this really the right thing to do, huh?

As long as I walk the time, the problem began to arrive. But wisely WHICH I FORCED HAHA, think of difficulties as a benefit to be able to help you. If not, how would I amuse myself?

I really became a good newcomer. Become empty, to be filled with a lot of knowledge. Be a dumb to be asked many questions to the experts. To be the most stupid, being the lowest, become a poorest knowledge. Even though I already know and THE GENIUS OF COURSE. But I had a goal to get as much as knowledge and tricks from the experts. And this is my fake mask. Playing as a foolish.

Why should I be? Let see, one kilogram face (proudeness), what price is really worth it? Of course, it could be gold, but you need to have the capacity to put the gold in your face. Right?


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