It’s been a long time not to post this blog. I love this blog so much, but I don’t know how busy Iam. I have no time –I mean idea- to write. Haha. I know I’m not worthy to be forgiven. But I’m sorry.

Just left from my wordpress account. itsanilestari@wordpress.com. I think it would be easier if I use the facilities of blog from just one product. It means blogger from google. So my blog thank you for being my partner since 2013. But now you were deleted.

Now, what's fun to talk about? from me, I do many things so far. I spent my FREE time -hosh!- to watch some movie, drama serial, hang out with friends and family. Not bad for me because I'm single. Cook and clean up everywhere I think dust and dirt exist and also organize any mess. You have to believe that I have an expert to clean up! But the most takes time was reading some of ebook. Reading is my way of surviving. Lol

Any bad habits haven’t changed. Home late. Staying up. Get insomnia. Spend money on useless things. ha ha ha. I do not know what else to say. But I promise to take care of this blog. So welcome back my blog!

p.s: this blog actually established from 2012 but it was abandoned.



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