Long Time No See

You smiled as you said, “it’s been a long time”. And just like the first time I met you, my heart began to beat foolishly.

When we broke up, crying, I told you to be happy. But why did you let yourself get so thin, making those words meaningless? Did something happen? Was it that difficult being happy and living well with the person who seemed as if she’d give you the world?

I should have held onto you. I should have told you that I love you more. But I have nothing, I have nothing to give you. So I thought I couldn’t. I should have waited. If only I had known you’d return… But because I’m not alone, I can’t have you. Though it may seem foolish, I’m sorry, I’m going to send you away again.

You should have come sooner. Life was hard because of you. And he saved me just when I thought I’d die. Why am I so terrible? I just want to wrap my arms around your small shoulders. I’m going crazy with regret. I want you so much it hurts. I’m going to send you away again.

I should have ignored it. I should have told myself it was just someone who looked like you. I can’t hold you, even though you’re in front of me, even though you’re trying so hard to smile. I should have just kept walking. I shouldn’t have looked back. I can’t go after you when you’re walking further and further away. I beg you once again…

Be happier than I am


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